Flidais is believed to be a goodess of animals, woodlands, and fertility, and is akin to the Greek Artemis or Roman Diana.  My name relates back to this goddess, and as I’m a multi-nationality American with strong Irish roots, I choose the name of the Tuatha Dé Danann.

Dáil is Gaeilge (Irish Gaelic) for decree or judgement.

I love to read.  I have many hobbies.  They range and vary, but always, mixed in with them, is reading.

I got married – I brought 5 books on my honeymoon (which lasted 3 days).

I had children – Their closets are full of books.  They both have overdrive access and accounts, library cards, and reading applications.  I read blogs, newsletters, books when pregnant and in the early years for them both.

I work full time – I love audible and the narrator process with Kindle that allows audible books to read while keeping your page for you.  I can listen to books off and on during the day, read at lunch and on free time without losing my spot!

Every few years, I open up my kindle and sort by author.  I start at the top and re-read every book in my kindle.  Except… the first time I did this I found a lot of books I didn’t really like, but had forgotten.  When I get to the end of the alphabet, I start a search for new authors and go through my “to-read” bookshelf.  I make use of saved pennies, birthday dollars, and library cards to catch up on all of the to-read books.

THEN I start a new search of books to add to my to-read shelf.  The problem is, I couldn’t keep track of what I’d already read or if I liked it unless I noted it in one program or another.  Goodreads was a huge help to keeping track.  But I found I wanted to know more about why I did or didn’t like that book.  So, I started my own rating system.  This blog is a compilation of the ratings and reviews I’ve pulled together over the years.