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This site is a book review blog.  This is my sole opinion on the reviewed novels.  I have a few rules and criteria I work with when reviewing any novel.

I will be blogging reviews I wrote up over the past many years for my own purpose.  WHY did I write reviews for my own purpose?  I read 4-10 books per month.  I started reading like this in my teen years and in the many years since (I won’t mention a number), my library has increased so much that I can’t remember what books I read that I liked enough to re-read or not.  I’ve read thousands of books.  A few years ago, I started reviewing the books I read to help me keep track.  Every few years, I start at the top of my library and re-read the books.  Problem is that some books just didn’t capture my attention to begin with.  I don’t want to waste time on a bad book.  As such, I’ll update the blog with a few reviews per week until I’m out of old reviews.

I rate books based on 5 sets of criteria.  Criteria is different depending on genre.  I tend to read young adult, romance, sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, and even occasionally a nice biography.

Each review will document an overall rating as well as individual ratings per category. There will also be a notation whether the review is solicited or not.

Please note these reviews are opinion.  They are my opinion.  Everyone is different.  We all think differently, we all interpret and imagine differently.  This blog is not intended to make a decision for you.  It is a guide.  I recommend you look at reviews for books you’ve read and determine if my review and rating matches your opinion.  Don’t make a decision about a book based on one review.  Read several when possible before prioritizing your to-read bookshelf.

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