Search and Rescue Series by Katie Ruggle

Search and Rescue Series (4 books)

Overall Rating: 4

I found this series overall to be a worth-while read.  The series contains interesting plots that keep you reading on to the next book and looking for more from this author.

The characters were interesting, entertaining, and unique.  There was a nice blend of quirkiness, difficulty, and perseverance in all of them.

The plots were interesting without being overwhelming and wrapped up nicely, with the exception of a few not-likable supporting characters (but such is reality).

Ultimately, the series as a whole is on my read-again bookshelf, and the author is on my watch list.  I’ll be looking for more as they come!

If you would like to see the individual book reviews, see the options below.  This series is available in various formats including the many online bookstores and a few libraries (potentially overdrive).

Book 1: Hold Your Breath review here

Book 2: Fan the Flames review here

Book 3: Gone to Deep review here

Book 4: In Safe Hands review here


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