Organization ideas for book addicts

Have you ever bought a book you’ve already read, or worse, own?  Do you read so much that you can’t remember what you’ve read, or if you even liked it?

OR maybe you just need to connect with others and see what people who read the genres you enjoy think of other books; maybe you need some good recommendations.  Maybe you want to join some reading groups but don’t have time to go out to meet with people as much as you’d like.

Check out Goodreads!  It’s a fantastic and easy to use site.  The Goodreads app is setup for most smart phone platforms and can be used both online and offline.

I use good reads to track books I’ve read (and put them in self-designed book shelves), what I think of them, and make a list of the many hundreds of books I want to read.  My want to read bookshelf is never ending, always growing, but hey – it’s not one (or many) piles of books around the house just waiting for pickup.

I can follow my favorite authors, see what’s happening with them, even partake in question and answers with them.  I can see what they’re reading, what’s inspiring them.

But best for me, I can rate books I’ve read in an easy format.  I can put books in my own shelf groups rather than rely on the market’s commonly used phrasing.  I have an “eh” book shelf.  I have a read-again shelf, one for paranormal-vampires-are-the-bad-guys or one for good guys.

And, if I’m reading a book that’s good but not great, or a series that seems to be in a never-ending-or-evolving life plot, I can read reviews with spoilers in them to see what happens and if I really do or don’t want to read that book.

Goodreads is the ultimate book addict’s electronic library organization system.  And it’s FREE!

Take a look at Goodreads if you need some help for your addiction organization.

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