By Elle Thorne

Shifters Forever series, book 2

Category: Paranormal Romance

Overall Rating: 2.2

  • Captivation: 2
  • Sizzle: 3
  • Romance: 1
  • Enjoyment: 1
  • Literacy: 4

Book Description: Astra Evans is a curvy, delicious firebrand who thinks that the only good shifter is a dead shifter.
With two exceptions, of course. 😉
And Kane Ortiz is NOT one of those exceptions.
Kane’s a mountain-sized grizzly bear shifter who wants one thing.
To avoid a group of shifters hunting him down.
Except he’s got a problem. Astra. That damned, sexy, hottie with the curves that don’t end.
Good luck, Kane. You’re gonna need it.

Captivation:  I am finishing out the series because I want to see how it ends, however, the series itself is what has me interested, this book was more frustrating for me than captivating.

Sizzle: There is a bit of sizzle in this book, it’s a nice quick read for quick, short sex.

Romance: There is almost zero relationship building here.  The development of the relationship goes from neither wanting a relationship, to both instantly happy with one.  No development, no story, just a flick of a switch.

 Enjoyment: This book left me frustrated.  I kept thinking that this like a bad plot-porn.  Felt more like the intent wasn’t to tell a story, but to have two characters have sex.

Literacy:  Though I wasn’t impressed by the plot, the writing itself was pretty well done.  I caught a few issues, but not much more than standard.

Overall, If you’re into quick sex scenes, mature-adult dirty talk (not a lot of swearing, which is a plus for me), and don’t care so much for plot or character development, this is a good book for you.

On the other hand, if you like to read romance for the true romance and story of a relationship along with the good sex, this isn’t the book.

I still plan to read the series, and will review it as a series, however, unless the other books turn out to actually have a plot development to them, I won’t review them.  This book just about turned me away from the series as a whole, I can only hope that the other books aren’t as difficult to get through for me.  The best I can say from a plot-and-relationship perspective is that it’s short.

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