Maddy’s Floor

Maddy’s Floor

By Dale Mayer

Psychic Visions, book 3

Category: Paranormal Romance


Overall Rating: 2.8

  • Captivation: 3
  • Sizzle: 3
  • Romance: 3
  • Enjoyment: 3
  • Literacy: 2

Book Description: Medical intuitive and licensed MD Madeleine Wagner thought she’d seen every way possible to heal a diseased body…until patients start dying from mysterious causes in her long-term facility. Causes Maddy believes are linked to an evil force.

Maddy’s patients are dying. The terminally ill fight to get into the ward of Madeline Wagner, a medical intuitive and licensed MD. Once there, many miraculously…live. So when her patients start dropping and she senses an evil force causing their deaths, she calls on her friend and mentor, Stefan, for help. Together, they delve beyond the physical plane into the metaphysical… Only to find terror.

She wants to save everyone, but are some souls not meant to be saved?

Detective Drew McNeil has two family members in need of Maddy’s healing care, but his visits to her facility leave him wondering – who cares for Maddy? Bizarre events on her floor raise his professional curiosity. And the more time he spends with Maddy, the more personal everything becomes. When the deaths on Maddy’s Floor intersect with one of his cold cases, he realizes an old killer has returned – and Maddy’s standing in his path.

How can these people stop something that no one else can see, feel or even believe?


Captivation:  I really like the series and a few of the characters.  I like the plot intent of this story, but due to the editing and timeline setup, struggled to finish this book.

Sizzle: As with the first two books in this series, there is more tension than actual romance.  This series so far seems almost more chic lit than romance.  The single sexual scene in the book is fairly brief and not really sizzling, but it’s not horrible.

Romance: I do like how the relationship builds here, and could have felt real if the book had been better edited.

Enjoyment: I give this book a mid-level rating solely because the story is a good story, if you can force your mind to adjust and re-order constantly as you read.

Literacy:  There are the standard expected errors, however, the major problem I noticed in this book was the very out-of-order chapters.  In one chapter they’ll talk about an event that occurs and you think, “wonder what happened there.”  And then two chapters later, is the chapter describing that event.  Then after, it goes back again.  This book needs some major editing and corrections.  If re-edited, the book could be a pretty darn good book.

Overall, I will not read this book again.  Though I will read the others in the series, I’ll make a note on the 2nd book with a brief description of events in this one so I can skip reading it.  The editing and chronological errors in this book overwhelm the intrigue of the plot.

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