Blackwing Beast

Blackwing Beast

By T.S. Joyce

Kane’s Mountains, book 3

Category: Erotic Fantasy

Overall Rating: 3.7

  • Captivation: 3.5
  • Sizzle: 3.5
  • Romance: 3.5
  • Enjoyment: 4
  • Literacy: 4

Book Description: Beast wants only a few things out of life: to be left alone, to join the Blackwings so he can be left alone, and for everyone to stop expecting anything from him and leave him alone. He was king of the lion shifters once, but his fall from power came at a huge personal cost. Rumors run rampant over what really happened to his pride, but the truth has hardened Beast’s heart to stone. He’s kept the Blackwings at arm’s length, but when a human starts stalking his crew, his inner monster-kitty gets curious. Kiera is gorgeous and mysterious, but she also has strange eyes and a scent that is calling to his animal. No human has ever interested him quite like her. But when he finds out who, and what, she really is, he’ll have to risk his heart again. And for a monster like him, caring for a woman could put everyone around him in danger.

Kiera Pierce has been through hell and back, but she’s still standing and fighting. She’s in big trouble, and is being hunted by one brutal pride of lion shifters. When she seeks sanctuary in Kane’s Mountains, she doesn’t expect a scar-faced behemoth to be her hero. Oh, she’s heard of Beast, and knows the rumors about him, and if they’re true, he’s a ruthless killer in a sexy package. Perhaps that’s the kind of protection she needs. But the more she gets to know the quiet and dangerous Beast, the more she thinks he might be able to save more than her life. He just might be able to save her heart as well.

Captivation:  I liked this book a little better than the last, and it held my attention a lot more.

Sizzle: The intimacy in this book didn’t use as dirty language as the others in the series, but still dirtier than my normal preference.  The intimacy scene itself was a combination of good, awkward, and sweet.

Romance: I have a conflict in rating this one.  On one hand, the character development didn’t really match the relationship build.  On the other hand, the relationship build was sweet, cute, and frequently funny.

Enjoyment: I enjoyed this book, probably more than the prior two in the series, mostly because it had less dirty language, and TS Joyce’s humorous writing really just makes each of her books.

Literacy:  I did catch more editorial errors in this one, just borderline distracting for me, but not enough to make annoy me.

Overall, I liked this one.  The series will be on my read-again-for-quick-laughs type shelf, if I had one.  I don’t.  Odds are that I could put this on my read again shelf but odds are I’ll skim through most of the books for the plot summary and the highly funny parts I highlight.

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