Blackwing Wolf

Blackwing Wolf

By T.S. Joyce

Kane’s Mountains, book 2

Category: Erotic Fantasy

 Overall Rating: 3.6

  • Captivation: 3.5
  • Sizzle: 3.5
  • Romance: 3.5
  • Enjoyment: 3.5
  • Literacy: 4

Book Description: Dustin Porter is walking a fine line between the Blackwing Crew and the Valdoro pack. He’s been sent to betray Kane, but there’s a complication, and that complication is a smart-mouthed beauty who is also vying for a coveted spot on the crew. Dustin can’t keep his attention from Emma for long, and the more he gets to know about her, the more mysterious she seems. She is making him want to be a better man, but he’s in way too deep, and now he’ll have to choose a side. Too bad choosing could get him and the woman he loves killed.

Emma is a human on a mission: make it onto the Blackwing Crew. So when Dustin Porter, sexy werewolf with one helluva sense of humor, suggests they pretend to fall for each other, she’s pretty sure he has the worst ideas on the planet. That is, until his plan works a little too well, and now Emma is in way over her head. Dustin hasn’t been honest with her, and what she doesn’t know could get her hurt, but as she gets to know the witty werewolf, she begins to realize there is more to Dustin than meets the eye.

She’s falling hard for a man destined to betray the crew she loves, and now all that stands between him and oblivion…is her.

Captivation:  I’m not sure what to feel about this book. I did kind of enjoy it and I read it all the way through with only a few stops, but I had a level of disbelief through most of it.

Sizzle: As in the prior book, there were a couple of good intimacy scenes, but it’s quick and not a lot to it. There’s more dirty talk and language than I’m used to and more than I tend to prefer.

Romance: This is where I found the disbelief.  The characters had a level of antagonism that seems to resolve with the humor of the male character, however, there was no level of reality for me.   The relationship building in this one just didn’t match to the interactions of the characters in the first book and first part of this one.

Enjoyment: I did rather enjoy this book despite my comments in the other categories. There’s a level of hilarity in the awkward and dirty talk in the book between all of the characters.  Despite the unrealistic feel to the book and relationship between the main characters, the humor seems to balance it.

Literacy:  The grammar was okay. I did see a few more errors than the prior book, but nothing that was too distracting; enough errors to start making mental note of them.

Overall, I will add this to my read-again book shelf, however, with a note summary of the book plot and info, and highlights to my more favored parts (namely the funny ones).  I do think this book was worth a full read over once for the humor, if nothing else, but for me, the full-read one time is good enough.

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