Its Kind of Personal

Its Kind of Personal series, books 1-5

By Anna Brooks

Category: Contemporary Erotica Romance

Overall Rating: 3.3

  • Captivation: 4
  • Sizzle: 3
  • Romance: 2.5
  • Enjoyment: 3
  • Literacy: 4


Book Description: Six determined men fight for the women they’re meant to be with.
Their love runs deep and their loyalty everlasting.
Each man must battle his past in order to secure a future with his one true love.
Defeat is not an option when their hearts are on the line.

Book One: Make Me Forget, Travis and Charlotte.
Book Two: Show Me How, Brandon and Mary.
Book Three: Prove Me Right, Liam and Meara.
Book Four: Tell Me When, Pierce and Ruby.
Book Five: Remember Me Now, Nik and Lisa.
Book Six: Give Me This, Declan and Amie.

I am reviewing this set of books as a series, the rating and descriptions were so similar, I opted to post as one.

Captivation:  The technique, language, and relationship type in these books are not usually really my taste.  Despite that, I did find it hard to simply stop reading.  Something about these books just held my attention.

Sizzle: The language, description, and dominance factors in these stories are really not my type.  I don’t generally enjoy erotica books with dirty language, and the sex scenes in these novels were like a transcribed pornography video scene – Harsher than I tend to prefer.  Still, those that do enjoy dirty language with erotica novels will genuinely enjoy this series.

Romance: The relationships in these books bothered me.  I really wanted to like the characters, and at times I did… the women are portrayed on one hand strong, but always need rescuing.  The men are over-protective-on-the-verge-of-controlling dominants.  The relationships are border-line dom/sub without involving true S&M.   Not being into Dom/Sub relationships myself, I did not relate to the relationships in these books.

Enjoyment: In the real world, I’d have tried to recommend serious counseling for all of these couples.  I’m not a hard-core-feminist, but I have never been a believer in the ownership of women.  The number of times pure jealousy came into play and the words “my woman” stated started to drive me a bit batty.

Literacy:  Standard editing was apparent for these books, a few errors that caused distractions, but otherwise pretty normal.

Overall, No matter how often I sneered in semi -disgust at the actions or thoughts of the main characters, I still had to know what happened in the end.  By the fourth book, I became annoyed at the lack of spine in the female characters and the dominance personalities of the men.  The women said “I’m sorry” way too much for my taste.  The men did often too, but then turned around and were doms?  I don’t regret reading the series, but will not put these books on my read again shelf.

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