Four Days

Four Days

By Dannika Dark

Seven series, book #4

Category: Paranormal Romance

 Overall Rating: 4

  • Captivation: 4.5
  • Sizzle: 3.5
  • Romance: 4
  • Enjoyment: 4
  • Literacy: 4

Book Description: Destiny will find you.

Ivy believes every life must have balance, and during the past year, she’s found harmony living with the Weston pack. When an evil spirit from her past threatens her wolf, it sets off a chain reaction of events that alters the course of her destiny.

 Lorenzo Church is a powerful, wealthy Packmaster who rules his pack through intimidation and order. He has vowed to never love a woman because love can destroy an empire. But chaos is fast approaching in the form of a Shifter named Ivy–a Native American, like him, who has invaded his dreams since the moment they met. She is spirited, wise, and unattainable.

 In an unexpected turn of events, Ivy must choose whether or not to let go of the one person she has always loved. Lorenzo discovers the root of her courage but will never win her as his mate unless he learns to listen to his heart.

Captivation:  I Loved this book!  Not as huge a fan of Lorenzo, but Ivy made the book, and made his character into a “good” guy.  I was very pleasantly surprised by the turnouts in this book and the sweet story.

Sizzle: The intimacy scenes were both wonderful and awkward.  The initial scenes felt awkward and rushed given the history involved, making the timeline of the physical relationship unrealistic.

Romance: I really like Ivy, and the way her character handles things.  The development of her relationship not only with Lorenzo, but the others in the pack is super sweet and heartening.  Lorenzo, I struggled to like, but understood a bit of his story, just enough to find him a believable character.

Enjoyment:  Another book I really liked.  Ivy makes the story for me completely, her peace, her strength… make the reader feel a part of the world Dark developed in this series.

Literacy:  Standard editing for this book also, nothing so horrible as to detract from the story itself.

Overall, Love this book.  It will absolutely be on the read-again shelf.  The characters are captivating.

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