Island of Glass

Island of Glass

By Nora Roberts

Guardians Trilogy, book #3

Category: Contemporary Romance

 Overall Rating: 3.7

  • Captivation: 3.75
  • Sizzle: 3.75
  • Romance: 3.75
  • Enjoyment: 3.75
  • Literacy: 4

Book Description: As the hunt for the Star of Ice leads the six guardians to Ireland, Doyle, the immortal, must face his tragic past. Three centuries ago, he closed off his heart, yet his warrior spirit is still drawn to the wild. And there’s no one more familiar with the wild than Riley—and the wolf within her…

An archaeologist, Riley is no stranger to the coast of Clare, but now she finds herself on unsure footing, targeted by the dark goddess who wants more than the stars, more than the blood of the guardians. While searching through Irish history for clues that will lead them to the final star and the mysterious Island of Glass, Riley must fight her practical nature and admit her sudden attraction to Doyle is more than just a fling. For it is his strength that will sustain her and give her the power to run towards love—and save them all…

Captivation:  This book had an element of “must know” for me, and I read through quickly, needing to find the end to this series, needing to know how it all turns out.  I found myself captivated by the series more than this last book… only to end up somewhat disappointed, as the last book is rather predictable.

Sizzle: The intimate scenes in this book aren’t really all that fantastic, given the personalities of the main characters, I’d have expected… more.  Not that the scenes aren’t bad, they’re just not… great.

Romance: I’m rather disappointed in this one.  I think given how Riley and Doyle react and are in the other books, their relationship could have been so much more than what was provided.  The character building itself was slow in some ways, forced in others.  It didn’t have the depth or development it could have been.

Enjoyment: I found the plot of this book predictable.  The battle scenes were less than fantastic, and given the seer predictions could have been so much more.  There were a couple of really neat, or well written moments in general, but overall, the book just didn’t feel like it was really up to snuff.  It felt rushed, like the author was just meeting a deadline and finishing up a story they were rather tired of writing.

Literacy: This book contains more standard errors – nothing unusual or unexpected, really.

Overall, Not my favorite of the series.  Worth a quick read to finish the series out, but rather disappointing in general.  I like the series in general, though it’s more a mix of the Key Trilogy and the Cousins O’Dwyer series; leaving it predictable and rather an anticlimactic ending.

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