Yours Royaly

Yours Royaly

By Krista Lakes

Billionaires and Brides, book 3

Category: Contemporary Romance

 Overall Rating: 2.9

  • Captivation: 2.5
  • Sizzle: 3
  • Romance: 3
  • Enjoyment: 2.5
  • Literacy: 3.5

Book Description: Can a regular girl ever marry a real life prince?

Prince Marco:
Royal life can be a royal pain, and Marco needs a break. A secret identity, just for a few weeks. A relaxing vacation in America, where nobody knows who he really is. Not even the girl he hires to be his personal assistant, Sabrina. But when Sabrina turns out to be the best part of his vacation, he finds it harder and harder to keep his secret from her…

Sabrina Wise:
Sabrina never imagined that any job could lead to paparazzi encounters and surprise trips to Hawaii. Who could have thought that her boss would turn out to be as charming as he was handsome? But, behind their sizzling sexual tension, she can’t help but think there’s something more to Marco. Who is this gorgeous man she’s taking orders from, and why is he keeping so much hidden away? If she’s willing to risk everything to find out, she might end up in her own Cinderella fairy-tale ending…

What happens when Mr. Right turns out to be Prince Charming?

Captivation:  I was not as impressed with this one as I had been with some of Lakes’ other books.  This book had too many non-relatable aspects, turning the point of Cinderella fantasies (it could happen to me) into a far-fetched fairy tale.

Sizzle: The intimate scene in this book was okay.  I was impressed that it didn’t contain the awkward similes that had shown prevalent in the prior books in the series.

Romance:  The story is based on Cinderella, however I have to say I was not impressed by the relationship development in this book.  There was love at first sight and minor development for both main characters.  There was a strange sense of convenience in this book, after a bit, it’s just too much.

Enjoyment: The story for this one is more what you’d see offered for older children who are still captivated by the fairy tale and look beyond coincidences.

Literacy:  The grammar did seem to improve for this book, however, the editing continues to need improvement.

Overall, I struggled to finish this book.  I was frustrated with the story fairly early on.  I read on as I had enjoyed some of Lakes’ other books; I kept hoping this would get better.  This book felt like a children’s fairy tale with sex added in (a little uncomfortable).

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