By Teresa Gabelman

The Protectors, book 9

Category: Paranormal Romance

 Overall Rating: 3.9

  • Captivation: 4
  • Sizzle: 3.5
  • Romance: 4
  • Enjoyment: 4
  • Literacy: 4

Book Description:  Not only does VC leader, Sloan Murphy, have to keep the peace between the human and vampire race, but he also wrangles VC Warriors in his spare time. It’s a job that could drive a saint insane, and Sloan is no saint, but insane he may be. While his Warriors find mates, he swears he will not follow in their footsteps.

Becky Spencer, his new secretary who he reluctantly employs, is set to threaten every stoic promise he’s made. With an instant attraction that is hard to deny, she fits into his world with confident ease.

Even though Becky has sworn off men after her nasty divorce, she can’t help the desire the sexy and serious Sloan Murphy stirs in her. It isn’t until she sees how devoted he is to his job and the Warriors under his command, that her lusty feelings turn into more. Working in close quarters, they both fight the pull that grows with each passing minute.

Who will win, the secretary, the Warrior, or an attraction that just won’t go away?

Captivation:  Sloan has interested me since his appearance in the series, and this book is no exception.  This was another book that was a fast read, mostly because I just did not want to put it down!

Sizzle: The intimate scene in this book started nice and tingly, and then… became a one sentence summary.

Romance:  Sloan is entertaining in general, but adding Becky to the mix is even more so!  Their story is fun, funny, and sweet.

Enjoyment:  I enjoyed this book, it was a funny read, with an edge-of-the-seat couple of major tense moments!

Literacy:  I did catch a few minor, common editing errors, nothing horribly unexpected or distracting.  – Really no change here from the prior books in the series.

Overall, I like this book.  Sloan and Becky make for an entertaining read, and the ever-entertaining presence of the preceding characters kept this book and the world Gabelman creates a wonderfully imaginative read.

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