Time Beyond

Time Beyond*

By Amanda May Bell*

The Blue House, book 3

Category: Teen Fantasy 

Overall Rating: 4.3

  • Captivation: 4.5
  • Imagination: 4.5
  • Unique: 4.5
  • Enjoyment: 4.5
  • Literacy: 3.5

Book Description: Book 3 in the Blue House Trilogy

*No formal summary provided for this book.  This book is a continuation of the series and details the next adventures and challenges the Blue House children face.

Captivation:  I did find this book a lot more captivating than the second, in part maybe even just a little bit more than the first. The mystery between the two main characters and how the resolution would occur for the prior “bad guy” character just kept me going.

Imagination:  I really like the world bell created in this book and series.  She brings the readers into a world of imagination and makes it relatable, combining the emotions seen in teenagers while adding the mentality and development of different teenage and adult ages.

Unique: This book brought in several new unique values, and characters. I really enjoyed Bell’s take on her new world in The Blue House.

Enjoyment: I really enjoyed this book!  It’s absolutely captivating and entertaining all the way through.  It brought out emotions from all around the spectrum, and ended with a happy positive feel.

Literacy:  I saw the same errors as presented in the prior book, which became distracting after a while.

Overall, Great book for those interested in theology and philosophy.  This series is truly one of my favorites.  It is light for the most part, but pulls in a fantastic combination of light-hearted fun, mystery, and at time suspense.  This series is not only on my Read-Again series, but also on my Recommend list.  It’s great for all ages over 13 (kissing is described).


*Unfortunately Ms. Bell does not have a direct website at this time, and this book appears to be available only on Amazon’s Kindle.  Links to this book and author are to Bell’s Goodreads page and the Kindle book page.

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