After Glow

After Glow

By Jayne Castle

Ghost Hunter Series, book 2

Category: Paranormal and Sci-Fi Romance

 Overall Rating: 4

  • Captivation: 4
  • Sizzle: 4
  • Romance: 4
  • Enjoyment: 4
  • Literacy: 4

Book Description: Life is complicated for Lydia Smith. She’s working at that tacky, third-rate museum, Shrimpton’s House of Ancient Horrors, trying to salvage her career in para- archaeology—and dating the most dangerous man in town. Just when she thinks she might be getting things under control, she stumbles over a dead body and discovers that her lover has a secret past that could get him killed.

Just to top things off, trouble is brewing underground in the eerie, glowing green passageways of the Dead City and that dynamic dust-bunny, Fuzz, has a couple of surprises up his tatty, furry sleeve.

Of course, all of those problems pale in comparison to the most pressing issue: Lydia has been invited to the Restoration Ball and she hasn’t got a thing to wear.

Captivation:  The world created by Castle (Krentz) is truly wondrous and fascinating, kept me interested all the way through the book!

Sizzle: The intimacy scenes in this book are good, well-written, and entice a little smidge of tingle.  They aren’t as detailed as some authors, but do send the imagination going.

Romance: I liked the relationship development in this book better than the prior… the characters go through some growing pains along with the other realistic emotions real people go through.

Enjoyment: I really like the world Castle (Krentz) builds in this sci-fi fantasy!  She makes a wonderful paranormal world that is wholly unique and yet entirely relatable!

Literacy:  I did find several errors, but not as many as had seen in the prior book… not nearly as distracting for me.  Please note that I did listen to the audio on this book for at least half.

Overall, I enjoy this book and the resolution of both the book plot and relationship plot.  This book and the series in general are in my read-again bookshelf.

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