Obsidian Prey

Obsidian Prey

By Jayne Castle

Ghost Hunter Series, book 6

Category: Paranormal and Sci-Fi Romance

 Overall Rating: 3.6

  • Captivation: 4
  • Sizzle: 3
  • Romance: 3.5
  • Enjoyment: 4
  • Literacy: 4

Book Description: Amber tuner and independent prospector Lyra Dore lost her heart—and her discovery of a rare amethyst ruin—to cutthroat businessman Cruz Sweetwater. At least she had her artistically talented dust-bunny to comfort her…

But the ruin’s mysterious power has put everyone involved with the project in danger. And only by trusting their psychic instincts will Cruz and Lyra survive— and surrender to the desire that binds them.

Captivation:  This book had similar feel as the 3rd in the series, though did have a slightly different twist in the initial relationship between the characters.  The character personalities differ just slightly in this book, which break a bit of the tedium I’d seen in priors.

Sizzle: The style of romance writing doesn’t change in this book from others, making this rating almost moot in the review process.  This book was no exception. 

Romance:  I like the initial antagonism between the two main characters, and enjoyed the slight change-up in relationship development. The betrayal portrayed initially between the characters is a nice change in style; as is the slight personality difference for the heroine.

Enjoyment: Though I still enjoy the world Castle/Krentz writes, I enjoy the books at this point more for the sci-fi development and the dust bunny entertainment.

Literacy:  Standard editing errors occurred, nothing like the first book, better than the second.  Nothing alarming or too distracting for me.

Overall, Though the lead female character has a slightly different personality in this book than the fairly repetitive personalities in the others prior, I still felt the book was fairly repetitive.  Reading the same thing over and over is getting old and fast.  I still enjoy the world of Harmony and it’s delightful dust bunnies, though.


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