Dark Stranger – The Dream

Dark Stranger – The Dream

By I.T. Lucas

The Children of The Gods series, book 1

Category: Paranormal Romance

 Overall Rating: 3.2

  • Captivation: 3.5
  • Sizzle: 3
  • Romance: 3
  • Enjoyment: 3
  • Literacy: 3.5

Book Description: Since the dawn of human civilization, two warring factions of near-immortals – the descendants of the gods of old – have been secretly shaping its destiny. Kian’s small clan championing progress, freedom and peace; their powerful enemy propagating ignorance, hate, and war.
Leading the clandestine battle from his luxurious L.A. high-rise, Kian is surrounded by family, yet he feels alone. Descending from a single goddess – the only one to survive the ancient cataclysm that wiped out the gods and most of their immortal offspring – clan members are forbidden to each other. And as the only other known immortals are their hated enemies, Kian and his kin have been long resigned to a lonely existence of fleeting trysts with human partners. That is, until Kian’s sister Amanda – a researcher of paranormal abilities – makes a game changing discovery; a mortal seeress who she believes is a dormant carrier of their genes. Ever the realist, Kian is skeptical and refuses his sister’s plea to attempt the Dormant’s activation. But when his enemies learn of the highly coveted soothsayer’s existence and attempt to grab her, he rushes her to the safety of his keep. Inexorably drawn to Syssi’s shy beauty, Kian is startled by feelings he had sworn off long ago. Tormented by past mistakes, he wrestles with his conscience as he is tempted to explore her budding interest in the spicy passions he favors.
When Syssi’s paranormal foresight lands her a job at Dr. Amanda Dokani’s neuroscience lab, it fails to predict, not only that her boss is an immortal who would drag her into a secret, millennia-old battle over humanity’s future, but the professor’s imposing brother who would alter her own. 

Captivation:  This book is a shorter book, each book in the series like an episode.  There is a great deal of rather boring and semi-pointless inner dialog which draws out into contradicting and frustrating “to be continued” chapters… with no resolution in the end.

Sizzle: There is no real intimacy.  There are a few dream scenes where foreplay is described, a couple of inner-thought-fantasies.  They are short sections, leaving the reader more frustrated than satisfied with a good scene.  That said, they hint at the possibility of good scenes.

Why do I rate this if there are no intimate scenes?  Part is because the book contains enough hints at intimacy and part is because the book is categorized as a romance on various sites.

Romance: There is a great deal of conflict and contradiction in this book, spots pf romance that quickly turn away from it in denial.  The result is a drawn out, hypocritical romance.

Enjoyment: Why did I rate this book 3 given my descriptions in other sections?  Despite the many boring inner musings, the contradictory personalities, and the unresolved plot, this book has a potential, and somehow does grasp interest.  I find myself equally annoyed with the book as I am interested in just finding out how it ends.

Literacy:  There are a great many grammatical and editorial errors in this book that were distracting, enough so that not only did I highlight them, but made notes.  Yes.  I took time out of reading the book to note the grammatical errors.

Overall, This book has some good qualities.  Despite the many problems and complaints I have about the book, I still struggled to just toss it aside.  There is an incredible amount of potential with this book and series.  If the author had taken time and done a few basic edit and grammar checks, this book would have been so much better.  The Potential with this book and series is great… the end result as it is… not so much.

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