Issued to the Bride: One Sniper

Issued to the Bride: One Sniper

By Cora Seton

The Brides of Chance Creek, book #3

Category: Contemporary Romance

 Overall Rating: 3.8

  • Captivation: 4
  • Sizzle: 3.5
  • Romance: 4
  • Enjoyment: 4
  • Literacy: 3.5

Book Description:  Sniper Hunter Powell thought he lost everything when he took the rap for a crime he didn’t commit in order to save a friend. Now he’s got a chance to redeem himself. There’s only one catch—he has to leave the military, settle down on a Montana ranch, and marry a woman he’s never met before. A woman so young and sheltered he can’t believe she’ll have any interest in a hardened warrior like him—even if her fierce independence, hot-tempered humor, and unexpected beauty has got him plenty interested in her.

Jo Reed watched two of her sisters marry the men her father sent to help them on the family ranch, so when Hunter arrives, she’s ready for him. She doesn’t want a husband; she wants a house of her own where she can call the shots—and if the Navy SEAL wants to stay, he’d better build it to her specifications. More to the point, he’d better stop kissing her.

Hunter knows he’s not supposed to build Jo a house—he’s supposed to marry her. But first he’s got to earn her trust—and stop treating her like a new recruit. The longer he’s around the headstrong woman, the more he wants to be around her. Despite her best intentions, Jo’s falling for the Navy SEAL, but she’s already been unlucky in love twice. Will the third time around be the charm?

Or the last straw?

Captivation:  This book is better than the 2nd, not quite as gripping as the first.  I am enjoying the plot mystery development.

Sizzle:  Following what seems to be the normal for Cora Seton, there is just enough physical intimacy to be too much for chic lit, but just barely a true romance.

Romance:  The development of Hunter and Jo was pretty sweet, neat to watch the development.

Enjoyment: The series plot mystery continues.  The main character personalities are okay in this one, but are contradictory to the personality and descriptions of Hunter in prior books of being a quiet, thoughtful, observant man.

Literacy:  Caught several editing errors.  The errors should have been caught during an initial, basic read-through.  There were missing words, incorrect words… enough to cause confusion and distraction.

Overall, This book is an okay read.  If the grammatical and editorial errors were more normal for a published book, I’d be able to say this was a truly “good” read.  Unfortunately for me, these errors are just enough to cause a distraction to the pretty interesting mystery plot developing in this series.

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